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Re: [Question #697063]: keryx won't launch in UbuntuStudio 20.04. Access denied.


Question #697063 on Keryx changed:

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john sylvanis gave more information on the question:
Manfred, did you try keryx yourself and does it work for you, because if
it does, it's me who is completely uncouth and will have to brush up on my
Linux knowledge? It turns out that it won't even work in Windows. Sorry for
being so optimistic. Yes, the interface shows up, but I cannot get through
to the next step, that is, to set up a project. Keryx always comes up with
a little window saying "Please set up a project in your offline computer"
or something like this and it sends me back to the interface. It
never lets me set up a project. I am on our library's computer (live in a
low income building) when writing this.

As I understand, Keryx is supposed to download linux packages even through
windows. My laptop has dual boot to Win7 and 21.04. The laptop is 9 years
old, but it's still a mean machine, so what's happening is not due to
slowness, etc. Win7 and Linux are lightning fast because of the 3rd
generation Intel processor and bus structure. It's a business grade machine
that I bought on ebay in 2015 for $325 (originally it cost about $2200 when
it came out in 2012). Anyway, my main issue now is: as I said before,
there's a package of dependencies on Launchpad.net that should go with
keryx with all versions. However, I don't know where the components of this
dependencies package go or may have to be manually placed, and, when I
unzip the main program (keryx) a window pops up demanding completely
different dependencies. I am here talking about being in Ubuntu, not
Windows, which never has any dependencies. Why in Linux the dependency
issues have never been resolved, that is, why they won't come packaged with
the main program? Remember, although I am very technical, in this case I am
a user and I'd be using 21.04 for orchestral music writing. The main
technical purpose for me is to use paprefs to make 2 sound cards into a
virtual card, feeding 16 discrete channels into an amplifier. If I don't
tackle the problem of downloading without installation, I'll have to always
haul my 50 lb computer (it's in a big steel case for good ventilation,
otherwise it's just an ordinary machine with two 8 channel sound cards). I
live on the 13th floor. It doesn't have wi-fi, so I'll need it connected
through the wired network but am not even sure it'll connect without NFS or
something similar.

Anyway, sorry for this litany, yours, John, and a big THANK YOU for your
time and patience. Keryx.py won't work either. I think it's a dependencies'

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 11:55 AM Manfred Hampl <
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> Manfred Hampl requested more information:
> If you have Keryx_Ubuntu_x86.zip downloaded, unzip it (if not already
> done), change directory into the directory Keryx_Ubuntu_x86/source/ and
> issue the command
> python keryx.py
> What happens?
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