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Re: Verson Control


> The only reason I chose Yahoo to host the development list was because
> that's where the user mailing list already was.
Good reason

> I've hosted projects on SourceForge before, and I would be happy to 
move ...

I think the choice of Sourceforge verses berlios, from a development 
point of view, would be the ease of use, access speed more than 
anything. Both sound like non-issues. With respect to CVS, SVN, and 
Mercurial the choice would be features (merging, branching, etc.) and 
ease of use. I have only used CVS and (shamless admission) VSS so I 
have to admidt, my input not of much help on the others. So, I guess in 
a nut shell, seems like the individual administrating the project 
should have a large interested in the where and how; the choice of code 
base managment system should be based on availability and the 
collective voice of the developers based on needed features and 
experience of use.