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Re: Verson Control


The only reason I chose Yahoo to host the development list was because
that's where the user mailing list already was.

I've hosted projects on SourceForge before, and I would be happy to move
this list to SourceForge. However, I have issues with SourceForge only
supporting CVS for revision control. Personally, I would like to see us
use Mercurial for the revision control system, since it is great for
distributed worldwide projects like Kicad. Mercurial was developed
around the same time as Linus Torvalds' git, and has a lot in common
with it. You can read more about Mercurial here:


At the very least I would like us to use Subversion...

One of the benefits of SourceForge that I haven't messed around with
yet, is the compile farm. This would allow Kicad developers to try and
compile the code on systems they wouldn't normally have access to.

I'm even open to registering kicad.org and hosting it on my server
(bokeoa.com). Then we could have the list, wiki, and development
repositories all in the same place.

What does everyone else think?


On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 12:28:31PM -0000, dmcmicro wrote:
>First, please don't take this as crtisism of setting up the development 
>group on Yahoo. I'm curious, however, what the decision to use Yahoo 
>over SourceForge? Yahoo is good at posting messages, good (as I 
>understand it) for limited file sizes, but SourceForge seems to be a 
>popular open source development house with source control. Having 
>written that, I have never set up a project on SourceForge so I don't 
>know what's involved.

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