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Re: BerliOS project


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On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 11:49:55AM -0700, Bryan Stillwell wrote:
> I've set up Kicad as a project on BerliOS. The code hasn't been checked
> into subversion there yet because the subversion tree hasn't been
> created by the 4 times a day cron job yet. Hopefully I can get it
> checked in by the end of the day.

I've made an account on BerliOS. I did some looking around and
it seems quite a few good projects are hosted there. As far as
SourceForge I have an account there for one of my stagnant
projects that I can use compile farm. I don't think they have
objections to just using their compile farm as long as it's OSS.
I will clean up my patch today and maybe create a branch on
berlios for the utf8 work.

> Any objections to moving this list onto the BerliOS project's site
> before we get too many members?

I have no objections. In fact, I really loath Yahoo groups. ;)
Honestly I don't care what source control we use. I think CVS
would be more pain than it's worth for the kind of parallel
development kicad will see. Other than subversion I like darcs
(haskell based).


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