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Re: Re: New poll for kicad-devel


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On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 10:30:04AM -0700, Bryan Stillwell wrote:
> Charles: Could you post a link to your latest patch so that we're all
> able to help troubleshoot the remaining issues?

Sure... one of my initial assumptions was that for example

wxString tmp;
tmp = _("Translate me");
char Line[1024];
strcat(Line,(const char *)tmp.c_str());

would actually work... it does not. Also with GetData(). In
the end I've just found a function that actually works in this
case which is mb_str(). At least this works if wxWidgets is
compiled with Unicode on my Linux system. I'm not sure now if
that breaks if the code is compiled without utf8. So... a lot
of my initial casts to allow the code to compile were in fact
not the correct method. I've made great effort to go back and
correct all of these but there are still places where the
rendered text is garbage. The ultimate goal would be to
elminate and refactor all code that uses ANSI char buffers to
use wxChar and wxString. I've started on this task. For
example by using native wxString methods I reduced
WildCompareString by 20 lines or so. :) I think in the end the
effort will pay off.

Ok well so here is some statistical information regarding the


And here is the actual diff (I assume WinZip can decompress
Gzip. If not let me know and I'll provide a Zip version):


Here's a little blurb on how to use this diff with GNU diff

$ unzip -d kicad_unicode kicad-sources-2005-10-27.zip
$ cd kicad_unicode/kicad-dev/
$ zcat ../../kicad-core.diff.gz | patch -p1
$ make -f make_static.linux

I think the first thing todo is make a branch for unicode in
berlios and checkin my current patch.. since it mostly works.. i
did spend several days nonstop on the changes so i'm not
completely embarassed to share them. i didn make an effort when
using OS defines to include Windows. I also fixed a few bugs.
No doubt I've introduced more bugs as I've said some things are
yet still broken. I was also unclear if we're going to
internationalize the config files too? It might make things
more complex. At least we can get the GUI text done.

Please send hate mail, thanks or questions to corezion@...

peace, metta,

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