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Re: Building on Debian


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Bryan Stillwell <bryan@b...> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 09:40:08PM -0000, Phil Covington wrote:
> >I was able to build the bokeoa-scons version of Kicad on Debian today
> >with no problems after I got Mesa installed.
> There seems to be good results on the Linux side so far. :)
> >Now, if I can only get it to build on Windows... ;-(
> I've been trying to get cygwin setup to try this myself, but as with
> most things with Windows, it's a pain. I'll give it another try this
> weekend. The last time I compiled something in Windows was around
> 1997, things have changed a bit...
> I also still need to create the install target for SCons...
> Bryan

Hi Bryan,

I tried using scons to build Kicad on Windows using msys. There is
something it does not like about my wxWidgets installation. When I
get more time I will try it again.



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