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Re: Patch: Keyboard shortcut for "Drag Mode"


> > I found [the proposal to have a keyboard shortcut for drag]
interesting, but I prefer to use 'D' and 'd' key instead of
> tab. ...

> That would be more mnemonic, but I don't know how is perceived in
the other
> languages.

The reason I chose Tab was because the key is easy to find. The
function is so important that it deserves a key that can be reached
with very little searching. It defeats the purpose if you have to
look carefully at the keyboard.

"Space" would be even better, but it is already used. However, the
function that "space" is bound to is much less frequently used than
"drag", so if it were up to me, I would move the "zero offset"
function to either 'o' or '0' (zero) and put the Move/Drag toggle on
space. Actually, if it were up to me I would make "drag" the default.

But it is not up to me, so I can only propose and explain my thinking.

> The best solution would be to have this kind of shortcuts in a
> file...

I disagree. If you make the UI too configurable, then the product
becomes very difficult to support and only expert users will be able
to use it. Standardization is a good thing, so long as the standard
is well thought out.

> I propose, as an other improvement, to use Del key for Delete block, by
> adding this case on the same switch instruction, in this particular case
> there is no language problems.
> *case* WXK_DELETE : *// Switch to delete mode*
> m_CurrentScreen->m_O_Curseur = m_CurrentScreen->m_Curseur;

I tried this patch and it works well. I changed the comment to
"// Delete the block", because "delete" is an atomic command, not
a mode that affects later operations.

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