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Re: Snap to pad (proof of concept patch)


I wrote:
> Anyway, with this change, I can make traces as neatly aligned
> as in "pcb", without juggling with grid sizes.

Here is an example:

(That's a new and completely untested version of the circuit
for ledtoy.sourceforge.net)

Note that all the traces to the uC are perfectly centered on
the pads - and that's without ever having to touch the grid

In fact, I found that my "snap to pad" is even easier to use
than the one in "pcb", because I don't snap to the grid when
inside a pad. This makes it almost impossible to miss the
right spot. In "pcb", one sometimes gets a grid point
instead of the pad center by accident.

One potential problem I found with my patch is that it gets
in the way of drawing things on top of a pad in the module
editor (which may not be the most wonderful thing to do in
general, but I guess there are valid reasons why one would
wish to be able to do this), and of placing the cursor
somewhere for measuring distances. So "snap to pad" should
be configurable.

Speaking of measurements: is there a better way for
measuring distances than copying the numbers from the
status line into a calculator ?

- Werner

/ Werner Almesberger, Buenos Aires, Argentina werner@... /

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