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Simple suggestions for the next release of Pcbnew



Here is a list of some suggested improvements to Pcbnew.

I've tried to restrict myself to helpful items
that look almost trivial to implement.

Any consideration from developers would be greatly appreciated.


* Total track length (not segment length) shall be
displayed in the status bar next to width;
needed for delay matching, differential lines, etc.

* Coordinate fields ih the status bar should be wider;
up to 4 characters are be missing on my computer.

* Cursor coordinates must not change when zooming in or out
(using either keyboard or mouse wheel).

* Execute Redraw at the end of the following commands:
- Clean tracks,
- End track,
- Move/Drag/Delete node/track/block,
- etc.

* There are two Ratnest controls (a button in the left toolbar,
and a checkbox in "Colors" dialog) which do not act consistently.
Either they shall represent the same setting, and produce
the same result, or they shall be completely independent of each

* With partially routed nets, airwires shall represent missing
sections, and not the entire span, which is next to useless.

* "Track 45 Only" shall also work when editing EXISTING traces.

* At least a limited single-level "Undo" is badly needed.