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Python scripting in Kicad


I'm sure Python scripting in Kicad will be a perfect feature! Just
what I need to really get professional with our PCB designs. We have
been using Supermax Ecad from Mentor until now. For simpler designs we
now use Kicad! Many thanks to the developers and the community!

Supermax has a great feature that many other pcb cad applications do
not have, scripting. If you have the possibility, take a look at
Supermax and you can get some ideas or be inspired of one of the top
applications in the industry. Supermax has had scripting for over 15
years... (look at how they launch scripts and single commands, how to
get the response etc.)

It would be grate if you could post an example script. One of my
favorite automation tasks would be to generate the production files.
Just a button that runs a script that produces exactly the gerber
files ( the right layers, settings etc.) and the right pdf files for
the documentation. This is a task that in the end of a job I need to
do a lot of times (generate, review, regenerate, reviev etc.)


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