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Two serious bugs in eeschema & pcbnew


Hi all,

(and especially Jean-Pierre...).

The latest builds of KiCAD contain at least two bugs.

In EEschema:
when you have several ICs, named U1, U2, U3..., at least one time the
program insists on change U5 (or U8?) into U038. You change the name
and save; then you search the files (.sch, .net...) for a reference to
U038 and none comes up but, if you reopen and do a schematic check
(for errors), the IC gets renamed. I suspect some problem with
unicode, but did'nt have time and/or skills to check.

Several and obscure bugs. It is more difficult (no: impossible) to
select a footprint field (text) if it lies on a track or inside a
module. It seems that you can close the main window without being
asked for save, even after a massive work (I lost a few hours of work
this way). After seeing this, I switched back to the 2006 version.

These problems showed up on a windows XP machine - I also noticed that
the windows distribution (zip file) does no more have a "winexe" and
"winexe-non-unicode" directories.

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