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Re: Two serious bugs in eeschema & pcbnew


durianblengin a écrit :

Hi all,

(and especially Jean-Pierre. ..).

The latest builds of KiCAD contain at least two bugs.

In EEschema:
when you have several ICs, named U1, U2, U3..., at least one time the
program insists on change U5 (or U8?) into U038. You change the name
and save; then you search the files (.sch, .net...) for a reference to
U038 and none comes up but, if you reopen and do a schematic check
(for errors), the IC gets renamed. I suspect some problem with
unicode, but did'nt have time and/or skills to check.

No bug.
I think yours ICs have a problem:
These IC probably have the flag "Power Symbol" set, and this flag is now used by eeschema.
You must edit these components and clear this option (see libedit).
ONLY the Power symbols can (and must) have this option set.
When this flag is set, eeschema automatically reannotate these components .

Several and obscure bugs. It is more difficult (no: impossible) to
select a footprint field (text) if it lies on a track or inside a

If your working layer is COPPER and if the component is on the COMPONENT layer, pcbnew does not find the text but it does if your working layer is COMPONENT . This is because when you have (with hight density boards) many SMD components both on COMPONENT and COPPER layer, and if the texts overlap, the selection of the right text is more easy.

This modification was not a very good idea, and I'll change it in next release.

It seems that you can close the main window without being
asked for save, even after a massive work (I lost a few hours of work
this way).

Pcbnew save your work every ten minutes.
You can reload easily the last saved board....

In fact, just after this automatic saving, pcbnew forgets to ask you to save your work.
This will be solved in next release.

After seeing this, I switched back to the 2006 version.

These problems showed up on a windows XP machine - I also noticed that
the windows distribution (zip file) does no more have a "winexe" and
"winexe-non- unicode" directories.

This last unicode version can run under W98, if the library unicows.dll is installed. Many unicode programs use this library, which can be easily found and downloaded.

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