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Re: Subversion Repository


Hello Richard!

> Ok. What I'd like to add is the following (from the latest binary
> release). This will bring it up to the point where the complete binary
> distro can be build from the contents of svn (as far as i can tell).
> Thought I'd better run it by you first.
> * "demos" directory
> * "help" directory
> * "library" directory
> * "modules" dir (1)
put both file types (I doesn't see any another way)

> * "template" dir
> * "news.txt"
> * "kicad_icon.png" (2)
Of course, better to fix broken things (I mean - replace what you want).

> I'd also like to set the "eol-style" subversion property to "native"
> for all text files in the repository, so we can work cross-platform
> more easily. Can you foresee any issues with that?
This will be good.

> P.S. Do we have support from Jean-Pierre yet? There are several
> other small patches I'd like to make, but no point doing that in svn
> if not.
Do what you think can help to improve KiCad.
With Subversion there is not a problem to make undo and you cannot
damage something fatally if you even want :-)

I would like to know what Jean-Pierre think about Subversion :-)
But, Jean-Pierre for some reason doesn't ask his opinion about ours
help and desiring to improve the situation with KiCad development.
Igor Plyatov