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Re: Re: Subversion Repository


> > Richard, if you want, I can add you to developers at
> > kicad.sourceforge.net and you can make what is required for better
> > packaging of KiCad.

Ok. What I'd like to add is the following (from the latest binary
release). This will bring it up to the point where the complete binary
distro can be build from the contents of svn (as far as i can tell).
Thought I'd better run it by you first.

* "demos" directory
* "help" directory
* "library" directory
* "modules" dir (1)
* "template" dir
* "news.txt"
* "kicad_icon.png" (2)

(1) I would prefer to only put the wings files in, since these are the
source files and the not the wrl files as these are derived from the
wings files. However wings3d doesn't appear to have any command line
export function, so it would be impossible to integrate the production
of the wrl files into a build.
(2) Into the bitmaps folder. there is a icon_kicad.xpm in the bitmaps
folder that could probably be used for gnome menu instead, however the
icon (and a few others) may be broken as they cannot be opened or
thumbnailed in gnome.

I'd also like to set the "eol-style" subversion property to "native"
for all text files in the repository, so we can work cross-platform
more easily. Can you foresee any issues with that?


P.S. Do we have support from Jean-Pierre yet? There are several other
small patches I'd like to make, but no point doing that in svn if not.

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