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Re: Subversion Repository (ATTN: Jean-Pierre)


> Jean-Pierre:
> Yes, my problem is I have a ** lot** of work, and currently I can't 
> spend the necessary time to learn and use a revision control system.
> I hope it will change someday...


We understand your time is scarce and valuable. And we appreciate
your time very much.  

If we contrast the status quo with the proposed development model, and
look at the differences in time it would cost you, I think the
subversion repository will actually *save you time*, not cost you time.

Currently, when you get a patch you have to review it, and compare it
manually to previous code. This takes time. You then have to merge
the edits, this takes more time. Subversion will save you this same

Learning subversion will take you no more time than the time it takes
to read this email.


1) Check out the project. Do this once ever, never again after that.

$ svn co https://kicad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kicad kicad

[the source will be put into the kicad directory below your current
working directory. The resultant tree on your hard disk is called the
"working copy".]

2) Minutes before starting to work on your code, do this from the
directory in which you checked out the project, the top directory of
the working copy:

$ svn update

[the source will be updated from the repository to your working copy,
so any changes made by others will be pulled into your working copy.]

3) When you are finished making changes, and the changes are ones
which you want to make permanent, commit the changes back into the
respository. Go to the top directory in your working copy and:

$ svn commit -m "the reason for the changes is..."

[the -m and the quoted string will set the text for the change log.]

That is 90% of it.

You now know subversion enough to use it immediately.

A few extras to get you from 90% to 98%:

A) When you want to add a new file to the project:

$ svn add <pathAndfilenameToADD>

B) When you want to delete a file from the project:

$ svn del <pathAndfilenameToDEL>

C) When you want too rename a file in the project:

$ svn ren <oldfile> <newfile>

You are now at 98% qualified.

Again, we appreciate your work AND your time. This message is
intented to save you time, and to increase the value of your great
work to your entire user community.

Thank you for taking this matter under consideration.

Dick Hollenbeck