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Re: Subversion Repository (ATTN: Jean-Pierre)



I'm happy to see that the only thing that was holding Jean-Pierre back
was his available time. I would have hated a fork of KiCad.

Jean-Pierre, I'm joining my voice to others to tell you that indeed
using a source code management system is time gained in the long run
and isn't that difficult at all to use. And Subversion (svn) is I
think perfectly adapted to the kind of development that KiCad

I would propose you guys look at Trac (http://trac.edgewall.org/) to
help in the management of the project. It is a very simple and
straightforward web front-end for Subversion that will allow easy
release planification, bug management (tickets), automatic commit
messages, online repository viewer, development wiki, etc... It is
really simple to install and use and is a great help for projects like

Igor (regarding your e-mail), I'm afraid my responsibilities at Gentoo
do not leave me enough time to embark on such a project. However I
always maintain good relationship with upstream developers, and due to
the source-based nature of Gentoo I often have patches to send
upstream. I will clean-up my KiCad fixes and send them to you (this
may take time, though, as I'm rather busy at the moment).

By the way, I'm using that opportunity to remind other distro
maintainers that the repackaged KiCad tarball is available to anybody,
not just Gentoo users, and that you can find it on any of our mirrors
(http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/mirrors.xml) in the 'distfiles'
directory. The name of the latest one is kicad-20070525.tar.bz2. The
installation script is there:
It's standard bash code. In case you have any question, do not hesitate to ask.