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Re: Subversion Repository (ATTN: Jean-Pierre)


> > Some info here: http://sourceforge.net/docs/E09/#svn_notify
> That's pretty straightforward, you create a new mailing-list,
> or 'kicad-scm', with 'kicad svn checkin mailinglist' as description.
> add the svn_notify hook on your repository and give the ML address as  
> paramter, that's it.
> I can help in doing this or do this myself if necessary, but then I
> need manager rigts on the project (temporary, you can remove me
after). My  
> sourceforge username is 'jaguarondi'.
> To request a subscription to gmane, you need to be accessible with the  
> manager address of the ML and fill in the online form. I wouldn't mind  
> doing it if there's any interest into it but again I need specific
> Cheers,
> David Bourgeois

I've asked Igor to help us. Soon you should have what you need to do