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Re: Locking Modules


Hi Dick,

I also find this annoying. I especially hate how, once a module is selected, the module origin snaps to the cursor position, instead of holding an offset to keep the module from moving.

Also, the bounding box computation on some of the modules seems offset/inaccurate, so that it becomes difficult to select (say) a small cap. Have you seen this?

I would prefer with (B) personally - only modules on the present layer may be modified. (C) ought to be the default, too.


Dick H. wrote:

I have a board with 420 modules on it, and there are some on the
backside as well. When positioning modules with "move" I often end up
moving modules that I don't want to move, then if you press escape it
aborts the move start.

I don't like this. I have been thinking for a week about possible

A) Locking a layer so any modules on it cannot be moved.

B) Any layer which is not visible will be unresponsive to 'M' hotkey
or move.

C) Using the module's "lock" flag to ignore a 'M' or move command.

For the time being I have modified the pcbnew code to implement C).
I will use that for a while and see how friendly this is.

Until then, if there is wide immediate consensus that this is an
enhancement worth keeping, I would check in these changes sooner.


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