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Re: Greetings from a first time poster


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Geoff Harland <gharlandau@...> wrote:

> If you are watching these messages Igor, I have recently signed up
> as a member of SourceForge.net. My User ID is 1848371 and my Login
> Name is g_harland (and I have already provided some details about my
> background and skills). I'm hoping that if you agree to me having
> write access to the svn repo, then you can also provide me with the
> pertinent details of what I should do whenever I would like to submit
> any prospective changes (such as the updated version of the
> pcbnew\gendrill.cpp file which I provided before).
> (I don't envisage committing any files into the Trunk version, or at
> least not in the first instance, but presumably it is still possible
> for authorised people to be able to commit updated versions of files
> to other locations.)

Geoff, please read paragraph "You can help to the project!" at page

If you make a little changes in code, it is not a big problem to test
this changes at KiCad trunk.

But, if you need another location for you BIG changes, you can make a
branch at KiCad SVN tree. And this branch can be merged with KiCad
trunk if you think it is ready for this.

Igor Plyatov