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Python support


I looked into the existing python support today. It did not seem
complete, and unless I don't understand something, it was less than
15% complete.

So I ask:

1) whether we want to support Python?

2) if yes, should we consider using SWIG instead of Boost.Python?

I think SWIG might be better for this project, because:

A) wxPython is based on swig, and wxPython is part of the kicad to
python solution. If SWIG is good enough for wxPyton, it would be good
enough for KICAD-python.

B) Boost.Python may be a bigger tool, but the build environment is
overkill and probably harder to get working on both Windows and Linux.

C) If we use, SWIG, we can get bindings to other languages besides
Python, such as Java.

D) The resultant SWIG binaries are easier to distribute if SWIG is
used: they are smaller and there is distutil to install them into a
python environment.

Scope of Work

For the python support to be complete, we need to develop a bridge
into the C++ classes BOARD, MODULE, and 12 or so other classes. After
that, a person could use python to write import and export scripts,
BOM scripts, and font size change scripts, and complete UI extensions.

I am in favor of it, and could get it done, but I don't have the time
to do it now, (if I were only retired, or funded...).

Is the original developer of the python interface still around and
interested and capable?

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