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Re: sourceforge


I am using kicad for more than two years now so i managed to see
how is development done. I made some small contribution too.

IMHO you are heading in the correct way => sourceforge, SVN,...

In the morning I made a svn checkout and I compiled the kicad.
It was not really hard to do it, but... Well I compiled executables
with dynamic libraries wxGTG 2.8.4 on Fedora 7 and x86_64.

You would rather see static builds for x86 platforms, right?

For linux I am able to compile the kicad once a month without
too much overhead (static for x86_64). If I managed too compile
wxWidgets with cross compiler I can compile for x86 too.

I am tired and i probably made whole bunch of grammar mistakes.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

Is this official download site from now on?

We are trying to get there. Igor is looking for a volunteer that would manage the released file sets there. We feel this is necessary because:

1) The previous download sites are mysteriously off line, and

2) Since Jean-Pierre is not reachable

We are trying to take the initiative to get an alternative download site set up for folks.

What we need is a volunteer that can build the binaries and put them on the website. Jean-Pierre has done this in the past. We have no idea if he is still interested in doing this any more, since we cannot talk to him.

There are really two roles here a) making/compiling/building the release files, and b) putting them on the website.

And there are two operating systems that have been supported: x86 Linux and Windows. So this comprises a matrix of 4 tasks.

Two operating systems X two uploads.

Ideally Jean-Pierre would simply take the lead on this, but it looks like that is not going to happen, so we are looking for volunteers.

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