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Re: sourceforge


Rok Markovic wrote:
I am using kicad for more than two years now so i managed to see
how is development done. I made some small contribution too.
IMHO you are heading in the correct way => sourceforge, SVN,...

In the morning I made a svn checkout and I compiled the kicad.
It was not really hard to do it, but... Well I compiled executables
with dynamic libraries wxGTG 2.8.4 on Fedora 7 and x86_64.

You would rather see static builds for x86 platforms, right?

For linux I am able to compile the kicad once a month without
too much overhead (static for x86_64). If I managed too compile
wxWidgets with cross compiler I can compile for x86 too.

I am tired and i probably made whole bunch of grammar mistakes.


Yes static builds are preferred as they require less support. Dynamic builds would not fly without a compile and link on the install machine, (exception being a specific distribution match like debian).

Although a good bit of work has been done lately, there are really not that many new features or bugs being fixed. Much of the work recently has been architectural and maneuvering for the future. I don't think you can expect that the SVN copy is workable at any point in time. Our agreement is that it will always be compilable, but it may not actually work. (We have to break things in SVN sometimes to improve and change them.)

So your snapshots would have to be coordinated with Jean-Pierre (if we can reach him) and other developers, and I don't think it would be more than 4 times per year. If you would be willing to do this for x86 linux 32 bit, then that would be great. Let's give Jean-Pierre another week or two and then if still no sign of him, verify that you can handle 32 bit builds, and then contact Igor for the instructions on how to upload.

The 64 bit x86 linux stuff would be for a pretty small audience, and I think you might want to measure the size of that audience before you spend your time on maintaining those binaries. (Might want to ask on the user's group, who would be interested.)

I have no idea what goes into the "released binaries", concerning help files, libraries etc. You should use a prior release as an example.

So, that gives us hope for x86 32 bit linux. Now we have to find someone who can build the windows binaries and installation files.

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