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Re: sourceforge


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Milan Horák <stranger@...> wrote:
> > So, that gives us hope for x86 32 bit linux. Now we have to find 
> > someone who can build the windows binaries and installation files.
> > 
> What should one need to build these?

On Windows:

There is some (probably out of date) information on it in the file


which you would obtain by first checking out the subversion repository.

Basically you need the mingw32 versions of make, g++, as, ld, and the
mentioned library sources.

The how-to says also that msys is required, but I am not sure why it
would be or that it is, but it may be.

The wiki tells how to checkout the SVN repository, but it shows how to
pull the whole tree, when you need only the stuff under trunk, so
append /trunk to its example source path.