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Re: KiCad as base for


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Igor Plyatov <plyatov@...> wrote:
> Hello Dick!
> > What about switching to the built-in support at sourceforge for a) 
> > enhancement requests and b) bug reports:
> > 
> > http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=145591
> >
> >
> Wiki page now contain a links to the above two database UI's.

Igor, I cannot administer the bug tracker nor the feature tracker,
please enable this for me.

Enable Tracker items administration.

Here is the current summary of my rights:

Your ability to perform various project-related operations will
depend on the permissions established for your account by the
administrator(s) of this project.

* You are listed as a developer (not administrator) for this project.
* You may perform file release operations on this project.
* You cannot manage documentation (in DocManager) for this project.
* You cannot moderate forums for this project.
* You cannot manage news postings for this project.
* You cannot manage screenshots for this project.
* You cannot manage Tracker items (in all Trackers, by default)
for this project.
* You cannot manage Tasks for this project.
* Your access to this CVS repository has been blocked by the
project admin; you may perform read operations on this repository via
anonymous pserver.
* You may access and perform write operations to this project's
Subversion repository (unless otherwise prevented by ACLs).
* Your access to the project web space for this project is
blocked; you will not be able to perform group-related operations on
the project shell server for this group. 

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