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Re: Wiki has been vandalized



Just for information:
I followed these instructions (quite quick to implement) to secure my own wiki against spam:

Works well.

On Fri, 07 Sep 2007 00:40:25 +0200, Philip Pemberton <ygroups@...> wrote:

Dick H. wrote:
It looks like somebody vandalized and erased some pages from the Wiki,
and the URL of the offender seems visible here:

1) That's not an URL, it's an IP address.
2) It appears only the main page got nuked
3) I've reverted the damage (basically you do a View Page History on the
affected page, click the date of the most recent non-vandalised page, hit
Edit, then save with an appropriate comment, e.g. "reverted vandalism")
4) If I was the wiki admin I'd be sorely tempted to ban that IP address. But
I'm not, so I won't. :)
5) Perhaps it's time to set the Wiki to "disable anonymous edits"?

Nice thing about Mediawiki is that it keeps everything. Reverting vandalism
isn't difficult at all...