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Last modifications in kicad sources



I have removed all modifications of the m_StructType member of EDA_BaseStruct in kicad sources.
Virtual functions now can be used widely.

EDA_BaseStruct.GetType() now exists in all classes (i hope it) (in eeshema and pcbnew) and is used (regardless of the definition of DEBUG) .
The old ReturnClassName and SetType() were removed.

I have removed the todo in class_board.cpp ( Why we are not using separate lists ... ) .
Reasons are put in comments instead
Here is the comment:
// both these are on same list, so we must scan it twice in order to get VIA priority,
// using new #else code below.
// But we are not using separate lists for TRACKs and SEGVIAs, because items are ordered (sortered) in the linked
// list by netcode AND by physical distance:
// when created, if a track or via is connected to an existing track or via, it is put in linked list
// after this existing track or via
// So usually, connected tracks or vias are grouped in this list
// So the algorithm (used in rastnest computations) which computes the track connectivity is faster (more than 100 time regarding to // a non ordered list) because when it searchs for a connexion, first it tests the near (near in term of linked list) 50 items
// from the current item (track or via) in test.
// Usually, because of this sort, a connected item (if exists) is found. // If not found (and only in this case) an exhaustive (and time consumming) search is made,
// but this case is statistically rare.

JP Charras

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