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Re: Last modifications in kicad sources


Thanks Jean-Pierre,

All your recent work looks good, hotkeys, all of it.

I hope you can spend some time testing pcbnew on a test board which has overlapping modules, and can get a feel for the new behavior of my PcbGeneralLocateAndDisplay() work. In my case I had a big footprint, a PC104 mounting site, which included the connector, and the 4 widely dispersed mounting holes. Of course other footprints/modules will need to go on top of this footprint, even on the same layer, because the interior of the PC-104 footprint is hollow.

So that was a good test case for the new code. However, there are several places where we should be switching to the new PcbGeneralLocateAndDisplay() and away from Locate????(). Hotkeys which do a "move", "rotate", etc. This way we will get for free the "multiple item under the mouse" support. Also, you will have to decide if a left mouse click should be required to "select" the item before the hotkey can be used. Just remember that a person with a board like mine is likely to have an entirely different experience with the software than a simple board.

I will need to get back to laying out my 420 footprint board and I will be spending less time on Kicad in the near future. So hopefully somebody else can step in and complete what I outlined with the @todo's and my comment above.

I have to continue to make a living. I have gotten good value from Kicad, and I have contributed back very generously. But now economic reality is speaking.

If there were a corporate sponsor of a specific enhancement, then I would be available for hire.

My future contributions will not diminish to zero, but proportionally speaking, I have to get the work of my company done now.

Warmest regards,