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block select



We have a new problem with the block select logic, which is a direct
result of the fact that PcbGeneralLocateAndDisplay() pops up a menu.  

The problem starts at line 94 in pcbnew/edit.cpp.

If the BOARD has a background footprint, like my PC104 which is large,
and I want to select a block of footprints which are smaller and sit
on top of the PC104 footprint, then PcbGeneralLocateAndDisplay() will
present its menu before the block selection logic is complete. This
is because of the line 94 mentioned.

One possible solution is that we change that logic at line 94 by
moving it to a "mouse button up" handler, or at least the "completed
click handler". That way the single footprint selection and block
selection logic is mutually exclusive.

What other solutions can you think of, or is this our best?

Best regards,


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