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Re: DialogBlocks Dialog Designer


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Geoff Harland <gharlandau@...> wrote:
> I am as sure as I can be that I am speaking on behalf of all of the
other developers, and everyone else who is interested in the continued
enhancement of KiCad, in saying that Dick Hollenbeck has been doing an
excellent job in the contributions which he has made so far (and which
he will doubtless continue to make from now on, even if not to the
same extent for now).
> So thank you very much for all of the effort which you have
contributed towards making KiCad a better product. Regardless of
whether all of the other developers can continue enhancing KiCad to
the same extent that you have, your efforts have still made a big
difference (for the better), and I, and doubtless everyone else, are
very appreciative of them.
> Best regards,
> Geoff Harland.


I've been meaning to thank you for your appreciation. I find your
remarks very articulate.  

Appreciation is an excellent source of motivation, and I would hope
everyone associated with this project could use your example and
realize that the developers here (and there seem to be very few) have
as their only compensation the appreciation of others.

It is an "uphill" problem that most all open source projects have in
general: there's very little incentive to put in any kind of time. 
And usually the really talented contributors can get paid better
elsewhere for their time.

I am now speaking to users as well as developers, this open source
culture needs to be kept in mind, and solutions to this "uphill"
problem can be found by any user at any time, if they would only give
it some thought. 

My suggested solutions are: a) do as you did and show appreciation,
and b) offer to pay for a specific enhancement if it is something that
your business can justify.

That is how this project could be turbo-charged.

Geoff, again thanks for your leadership on this issue.