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PCBNEW: "Select Layer Pair for Vias" dialog



This dialog gives the user a chance to select a pair of layers, yet
when you place a via, it ignores these layers and uses COPPER and
COMPONENT (unless you were savy enough to find the "via type" setting
in another dialog box).

This is terribly unfriendly, and it has cost me hours of work. I
placed many vias which should be copper to power, or component to
ground, etc. on my 4 layer board. Not copper to component.

Now, it seems there is no easy way to edit the type of via after it
has been placed. (Except for using a text editor on the brd file.)

Also, what if I want a via to conduct to 3 layers? I thought I could
place a 2nd via in the same place. But the user is prevented from
placing a second via in the same place, by line 186 of editrack-part2.cpp.

It would be nice to understand the reasoning behind some of this
behavior, if any. Then maybe I could help offer a solution.



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