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Re: Guides for dialogs creation.


In some commits I saw the ugly attempts to avoid the problems with
strings length by usage of resizeable window of dialogs.
But, if "Sizer" will be used, then resizeable attribute does not
required for window.

No, not true. I like resizeable dialogs, whether sizers are used or not. Mostly with sizers the dialogs should not have to be resized, but when I want to resize them, I need that feature. If the sizers are done correctly, then as the window is resized, the components will move appropriately to best fill the expanded dialog, and having resizeable dialogs is a good test of the implementation of the sizer attributes.

Trust me, I've done this before.

Your other references could be helpful in the area of UI text capitalization. We are struggling with a lack of policy for that issue. I don't have as strong of a preference on string capitalization as I do on resizeability, but I do prefer consistency and maybe one of your references will help with that.

Also, remember that parts of Kicad are 15 years old, often what looks like a lack of direction or bad design is simply a lack of man-hours to fix it. In other words, just because we have a stated direction, will in no way influence how fast we get there.