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Re: Guides for dialogs creation.


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "gharlandau" <gharlandau@...> wrote:
> > Hello!
> > 
> > The problems of KiCad dialogs is the
> > 1. Fixed positions and dimensions of elements. When I try to
> > translate interface to russian, then some parts of text become not
> > visible.
> > 2. Strange placement of buttons in some dialogs.
> > 3. Some dialogs don't have default buttons.
> > 
> > <snip>
> > 
> > In some commits I saw the ugly attempts to avoid the problems with
> > strings length by usage of resizeable window of dialogs.
> > But, if "Sizer" will be used, then resizeable attribute does not
> > required for window.
> > 
> > --
> > Igor Plyatov
> Hello Igor,
> I have been fine-tuning various dialog boxes in recent times, so I am 
> picking that I am one of the people that you have directed your 
> recent message to.
> I am definitely not hostile to your request to provide sizers within 
> every dialog. However many of the dialogs which I have fine-tuned in 
> recent times did not use sizers before I started editing them, so yet 
> more of my time would have been required to have also provided sizers 
> at the same time.
> Another complication is that DialogBlocks supports no more than 30 
> controls within a dialog unless the unrestricted version has been 
> purchased. (And although it is not unduly expensive, I am still not 
> currently in a position to purchase that version.) It is not 
> obligatory to use DialogBlocks to design dialogs - but it is still 
> preferable, as it provides instant feedback on what a dialog will 
> look like after being invoked, or while it is being resized.
> Having said all that, I still appreciate that there are various 
> dialogs which could be better implemented. So as time permits, I will 
> provide sizers within dialogs which don't currently use them. And I 
> will also review where various buttons have been placed.
> However I do concur with Dick about dialogs being resizable. I had 
> not previously been aware that it is customary within Linux for 
> dialogs to be resizable, but Dick has still managed to provide a 
> means by which dialogs default to being resizable in the Linux 
> version of KiCad, and to not being resizable in the Windows and Mac 
> versions. And in more recent times I have figured out how to specify 
> the associated MAYBE_RESIZE_BORDER field within .pjd files (used by 
> DialogBlocks) as well, so as time permits, I will also be committing 
> updated versions of those files, in which that field will be 
> specified.
> Thank you for your feedback about the dialogs. I am just as 
> interested as you are in making KiCad as good an application as 
> possible.
> Regards,
> Geoff Harland.

Seems like the DialogBlocks license is $85 U.S. Would it help if I
gave you a license? This would be a small contribution from me to the
project (or one of the developers). KiCAD has already helped me save
much more than $85!

Magnus Beischer