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Re: KiCAD packages for MacOSX


> > I've just realized a package with a Kicad with Universal binary, can ipost
> > the binaries and some dirty patches i've to do "packetize" the kicad executables ?

> I've been working on this slowly but you beat me to it. Thanks.

> Would you at least post a patch here? Also what version of wxWidgets
> did you use? Where did you get it (Fink or built from sources) and finally
> which gcc. I've found this all makes a difference. And of course which
> Kicad version are the patches for?

I've used wx2.8.6 and i've compiled it myself, i've done also an Apple Package that installs 
itself under /Library/Framework.

The patches are for the 2007-07-02 but are only for a better manage of the Apple 
Bundles, (Path where to search libraries etc etc).
Both the pre-compiled packages (wxWindows Universal + Kicad universal) weights 64MB.
I've tested on PPC and on i386.
> The other thing is to make sure the patches don't break the Linux build.
> Linux uses GTK wxWidgets and Mac uses the Mac-wxWidgets they are
> not quite the same. I'll test the patch on Umbuntu and "Tiger" if you post it.

obliusly are #ifdef __WXMAC__ as they are "cosmetic" patches so should not break 
I've just ended hacking a bit so let me package the patches too.

Let me know ! :)