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Re: KiCAD packages for MacOSX


On 10/28/07, emmedics4 <m.serantoni@...> wrote:
> I've just realized a package with a Kicad with Universal binary, can i post
> the binaries and
> some dirty patches i've to do "packetize" the kicad executables ?

I've been working on this slowly but you beat me to it. Thanks.
I'm new to both Kicad and the development on a Mac.

Would you at least post a patch here? Also what version of wxWidgets
did you use? Where did you get it (Fink or built from sources) and finally
which gcc. I've found this all makes a difference. And of course which
Kicad version are the patches for?

The other thing is to make sure the patches don't break the Linux build.
Linux uses GTK wxWidgets and Mac uses the Mac-wxWidgets they are
not quite the same. I'll test the patch on Umbuntu and "Tiger" if you post it.

Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California

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