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Re: saving zone edges in pcb file


Dick H. a écrit :

Why are we not doing this?

I have many zones, and if I want them to re-fill after adding a few
more vias into that region, I cannot. I want to be able to delete the
zone, keep the zone edges, and re-fill the zone.

(Unless it's an exceptionally good reason, I will code this in the


The exceptionally good reason is my laziness.
This is some work... (a lot ?)

Keep in mind the zone edge acts as a frontier.
This frontier can be complex and the zone can have holes, if 2 (or more) polygons are defined, a polygon inside an other.
So we must keep zone edges, and starting point for filling.

And a refilling zone could have a result which differs from the first filling.

Note: currently, the "link" between zone segments is the time stamp, which is common to all items of a given zone.


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