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Re: saving zone edges in pcb file


> Keep in mind the zone edge acts as a frontier.
> This frontier can be complex and the zone can have holes, if 2 (or
> polygons are defined, a polygon inside an other.
> So we must keep zone edges, and starting point for filling.
> And a refilling zone could have a result which differs from the first 
> filling.
> Note: currently, the "link" between zone segments is the time stamp, 
> which is common to all items of a given zone.
> Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

Thank you. With your comments and some study, I now understand the
issue fully. The plan I had wanted to see implemented is outlined in
the todo.txt file within the project. Phase 1) I now realize is
basically the functionality that we have now, but when using a
netcode=0 TRACK (not EDGE_ZONE) to delimit the zone. TRACKs are saved
into the *.brd file, whereas EDGE_ZONEs are not. So I see no point now
to implementing phase 1). We should work toward phase 2) as time

I may change my mind about this, but I really need to move forward on
my board layout, even if the zone support using TRACK boundary is not
optimal. So I am suspending my work on zones until I have more time or
encounter something which triggers urgency again.



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