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Re: Depndency tracking


Richard A Burton wrote:
This sounds useful. Are you thinking a shell script, or an additional
make target which would do it only when asked? I guess the generation
of the dependencies should only be done when somebody "asks" for it, not
on each build. Otherwise you might give up the gains you expect.

I was thinking of a new target, e.g. "make deps", which you would only
invoke the first time, and any time in the future if you got the type
of build errors which prompt you to do a clean at the moment.

I don't know how long it takes to figure out the dependencies for the
entire project, but I'm sure doing that and only rebuilding the bits
you need to will be faster than a clean and full build on most
occasions. So long as there aren't many header files that are included
in everything and change frequently yet have no real functional effect
(if there are they would probably best be refactored).

I'll try and knock something up at the weekend.



Thanks. Please keep the dep target out of the build cycle though. It will be slower (than now!) for the developers to find deps each time. I don't want that.

I don't have to do a clean and build, so that is not a good comparison. I'm the guy often changing the code, so I can skip the make clean usually!