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Re: Re: Depndency tracking


El Jueves 01 Noviembre 2007, Dick H. escribió:
> ** KDE folks were/are using CMAKE. I've never used it, but their use
> of it appears to be about the biggest endorsement possible. They
> could have used autoconf but did not.
> Just food for thought. Again, you are the master of your own time.

Hello everyone. I have been following the list ¿silently? for some time now. I 
have never contributed a single line of code, thought (I am currently 
learning Qt and trying to do some other things).

Anyway, I had a little contact with CMake and I must say it's great. I myself 
did just a couple of easy examples, as I continue to use QMake (just for Qt, 
as you may imagine), but a group of friends have been testing it more 
througly, and they all tell me it's the way to go.

Just my two cents.

Regards, Damian.-

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