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Re: expandable sizers



The swap layers dialog looks and works great!

The only thing I might suggest is to change the color of any labels
associated with any layer that has been changed. This will draw
attention to them.

I like the way you used the sizers.

Regarding tab order, it is certainly a valid concern, but its
importance relative to other concerns may not be that high. Of course
this will vary based on dialog box purpose and contents. But there
are many dialogs where mouse action is sufficient, swap layers being
one of them.

If you have text entry, where the user's hands are on the keyboard,
then the tabbing order comes into play.

We look forward to your future work on sizers and dialog box
enhancements! Hopefully you can blaze the trail on using tooltips
too. I think that can really polish off the "out of the box"
experience for the first time user, given the lack of context
sensitive help. The nice thing about tooltips from an implementation
point of view, is that the coder can add them right then and there as
the code is being written. Whereas a help file update or wiki update
may come later, if at all. So I think tooltips are good bang for the

The linux SetFocus() may have problems. Or it could be that the
function works only under certain contexts. It may be that the
underlying library (GTK) is undoing the action at a point later in
time. So "when and where" can come into play.

If it bothers somebody badly enough, we can step through the wxWidgets
source under a debugger or raise a question on the wxWidgets list. I'm
not to that point yet.

Thanks again for your fine work.

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation