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Redundunt Lib path info


Here is an area for enhancement I could work on with
some background info before I jump into the code.

At first glance it seems the library Path information
is required to be in the schematic file(.sch) and in the 
project file(.pro). I wonder why this is the case.

If I'm importing a schematic with it's libraries as
is the case with an OrCad EDIF file, I can include
the Library Refs in the schematics file with a path='.', 
the schematic and library files in some temp directory 
unknown to KiCad and I would expect EEschema to be able to 
run standalone without the KiCad project mgr. This doesn't seem 
to be the case so I create a new project using KiCad and 
it sets up the default libraries/ install PATH.

Why should KiCad need to know either the EEschema or pcbnew 
libraries/Path? Putting the info in two places doesn't
seem optimal or necessary.

Also is the Library PATH a single PATH or can it be
a ':' separated multipath also dictating the search path
for symbols or footprints? Could be one search path for
both since symbols are (.sym) and footprints are (.mod).
A search path would also help with multiple symbols for
resistors and caps coming out of OrCad (or other sources)
also with different scaling/orientation. The user would only
need to make sure symbols for the current schematic was first
in the list.

Also I see there is a log window in KiCad project mgr.
What would it take to echo unresolved symbols when a schematic
is loaded or even the path of a resolved (found) symbol?

Great work todate.

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