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Re: problems after draggin a footprint


jean-pierre charras wrote:
About the problem found after dragging a footprint, i believe the function
dragsegm.cpp/EraseDragListe() has a problem: it does not clear the m_Flags member of dragged segments.
And of course when a such segment is selected, wrong things are made.

i added (line 244) this line, and its work better.
pt_drag->m_Segm->m_Flags = 0;

but I am tired, and if more work is needed, I'll see this tomorrow.
And now, i'll go to the bed...

Maybe that is an upstream cause. But the patch I submitted today fixes that problem in another way, plus the problem that we should not be "selecting" deleted items. And the latter issue I think required my change. See the change_log.txt. SetCurItem() by definition means a currently selected item.


Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation