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--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Dick H." <dick@...> wrote:
> What was your impression of CMAKE?

Well, I'd never used it before, but I was quite impressed by the
"dirty work" it did for me. I was able to generate the necessary VC++
projects and with the changes I mentioned, I was able to flawlessly
compile KiCAD and debug each and every part of it.

> I wonder how it will do using gnu gcc on Windows?

Since VC++ 2005 Express Edition (and now also VC++ 2008 Express
Edition) is free and the M$ compiler is very good (very compact code),
I'm not thinking of switching to cygwin/gcc to do the job.
One might be pro or con M$, but both the compiler as well as the debug
possibilities are great and that's something one can't deny/ignore...
At least, that's my opinion, of course...

> On linux, I got it to link debug libraries the other night, but the -g
> option was not passed to the linker, so there was no symbols in the

I've never compiled KiCAD on Linux, sorry. Have no experience with

Best rgds,


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