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> Could this be interesting:
> I've written this down on my Wiki and applied it months ago for an
> earlier version of KiCAD. I went through all the necessary CMake
> steps and so on to compile KiCAD using Visual C++ Express Edition
> There were also some extra files needed, made by Daniel Wallner (don't
> know if those files are still up to date).
> Maybe it's not any more really to the point, but I think lots of stuff
> can still be reused.
> You can give it a try if you want.
> Best rgds,
> --Geert

Thanks Geert.

What was your impression of CMAKE?

I wonder how it will do using gnu gcc on Windows?

On linux, I got it to link debug libraries the other night, but the -g
option was not passed to the linker, so there was no symbols in the image.

It would be nice for somebody to complete all this work, (if CMAKE is
really the answer.)

My impression is that it could be the answer, but I am finding myself
suffering through documentation which is not as detailed as it should
be for things like "debug" and "release" builds, etc.

Perhaps studying the KDE CMakeFile.lst or another elaborate example
might help, but that is starting to feel like swimming upstream.


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