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Re: Idea for donation mechanism.


yajeed2000 wrote:
I have been reading recent posts about donations for the project
Maybe Jean Pierre can consider an application for the project to join
the Software Freedom Conservancy http://conservancy.softwarefreedom.org/
This provides a mechanism for project donations and admin services.
Maybe this is a solution.




Thanks for throwing another idea into the pot for this "problem".

Without saying anything else about the idea, I'd like to clarify the problem and who owns it.

The problem is not really a problem owned by the developers or the project. It is a problem affecting *users* of open source Kicad. Therefore I would say that the *users own the problem*. By owning the problem, I mean that it is to *their advantage* to find a solution to it, period.

I have a great daytime job. Arguably the best one in the world. I thank God for it everyday. So I have no problem as a developer.

The problem is that users have no way to motivate developers to do the things that need to get done or that they'd like to see get added. The wishlist remains a list that you "wish" for. --------------------------------------------------

There is a solution out there, if users put their minds to it.

So I applaud you for continuing to search for a solution to this problem which as I believe, is owned by the users of Kicad.

Having said that, I also am a *user* of Kicad, so I share in the problem in this regard. Lastly, I think the user community would benefit from a discussion on this subject led by someone who is not a developer, as it is difficult for a developer to be seen as a fellow user. That discussion should probably happen on the user's list. And we all know that the best solution is usually only found after exploring several possible solutions, not merely the first one that pops up.

Best regards,

Dick Hollenbeck
SoftPLC Corporation