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Re: Patch: conflict avoidance


That is a nice thing!! I have seen it in other programs (IIRC gEDA PCB) and liked it veeeery much! Thanks,


Werner Almesberger escreveu:
Magnus Beischer wrote:
If anybody isn't already working on the improved zone fill algorithm
my guess is that you would be the man for that job.

Heh, thanks :-) You're quite right that all this playing with magnets is
just a preparation for something more interesting, but I haven't done
much with zones yet.

The attached patch adds "conflict avoidance", which is kind of a limited
DRC when drawing new traces. This is just a proof of concept
implementation, with a lot of oddities and missing features. A description
with screenshots can be found here:

This patch goes on top of my three magnetism patches, posted earlier in
this thread.

- Werner

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