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Re: Mingw compilation



2008/2/6, Danilo Uccelli <danucc@...>:
> Hello the developers,
> I have just finished to compile the last /trunk from SVN under MSYS/MINGW on a fresh PC and the result is now working. I am a newbie in GNU compilation and have followed the instructions found on how-to-build-kicad.txt.
> But, in order to be successful I had obliged to modify the following .rc files (and only these) to correct always the same error, (filename.ico not found) :
> cvpcb.rc
> eeschema.rc
> kicad.rc
> pcbnew.rc
> The modification executed are located at the line(s) .. ICON <filename>.ico, in order to put the full path because the compiler complains that the <filename>.icon is not found.
> I know that is not an elegant solution, so I ask you what is the right way or where I am wrong ?

Please try SVN release >= 735. It should be ok now.


PS. Revert changes in your local .rc files.

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