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Re: ok to svn up: first test and differences


Tim Hanson a écrit :

Good, these items (NET_LABEL or DRAW_LABEL_STRUCT_ TYPE) shall remain

I've fixed the schematic file versioning issue, too, so all may try to
svn up & tell me of any problems.

thanks for your work!
This was a significant enhancement.

Differences between old behavior and new behavior:
Old global labels (now hierarchical labels or hierarchical ports) were seen as connected to a label (really a local label) in a sheet when they have the same name: If (in a given sheet) we have a hierarchical label like my_label and a local label also named my_label, they were seen as connected (no need to have a hierarchical label connected to a wire connected to a local label). The new behavior seems consider the 2 different label not connected by they name.

This difference is easily noticeable with bus labels.
If whe have a hierarchical label like data[0..7] in a sheet (a bus connection) and only local labels data0 , data1 .. (an usual way of work),
they are not connected to the members of the hierarchical label data[0..7]
(except ifl we put a bus wire connected to this hierarchical label and a local label data[0..7] on this bus wire).

I think within a sheet, a label an a hierarchical label must be seen as connected if they have the same name ( and perhaps this could be true also for a new (true) global label). Of course, a local label is a local label and it is not view outside the sheet, except if it is connected to a hierarchical or a true global label. This was the old behavior, and such a change will be seen as a bug by old users, not an enhancement.

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