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Re: ok to svn up: first test and differences


Hi Jean-Pierre,

I've checked this functionality, and it seems to be working with svn
v. 758. One thing that we must be careful not to do is connect
pinsheets with the same name, as multiple instances of one schematic
will necessarily have pinsheets of the same name, and the user will
not want them implicitly connected. I've attached two schematics
(twores.sch is the root schematic) to show what I think is correct
behavior & have examined the generated pcbnew netlist (looks ok?),
feel free to comment.

I would also like to make it so component pins along with a segment
are connected to that wire segment. Having to place junction items
along a line of bypassing caps is kinda annoying and nonintuitive, but
I am afraid of changing the behavior for fear of breaking some
schematics. What do you think?


On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 9:23 AM, jean-pierre charras - INPG
<jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:
> Tim Hanson a écrit :
> >
> > Good, these items (NET_LABEL or DRAW_LABEL_STRUCT_ TYPE) shall remain
> > sheet-local.
> >
> > I've fixed the schematic file versioning issue, too, so all may try to
> > svn up & tell me of any problems.
> >
> Tim,
> thanks for your work!
> This was a significant enhancement.
> Differences between old behavior and new behavior:
> Old global labels (now hierarchical labels or hierarchical ports) were
> seen as connected to a label (really a local label) in a sheet when they
> have the same name:
> If (in a given sheet) we have a hierarchical label like my_label and a
> local label also named my_label, they were seen as connected
> (no need to have a hierarchical label connected to a wire connected to a
> local label).
> The new behavior seems consider the 2 different label not connected by
> they name.
> This difference is easily noticeable with bus labels.
> If whe have a hierarchical label like data[0..7] in a sheet (a bus
> connection) and only local labels data0 , data1 .. (an usual way of work),
> they are not connected to the members of the hierarchical label data[0..7]
> (except ifl we put a bus wire connected to this hierarchical label and a
> local label data[0..7] on this bus wire).
> I think within a sheet, a label an a hierarchical label must be seen as
> connected if they have the same name ( and perhaps this could be true
> also for a new (true) global label).
> Of course, a local label is a local label and it is not view outside the
> sheet, except if it is connected to a hierarchical or a true global label.
> This was the old behavior, and such a change will be seen as a bug by
> old users, not an enhancement.
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