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Re: EEScheme Flat Multiple sheets


Frank (and all):

Yes, this is a problem with the way that the sheets are implemented -
they are a de-facto hierarchy, with one root sheet, and the numbers
supplanted with paths (you can number sheets by making the sheet name
a number...). Do you think it is too kludgy and ugly to add all your
sub-sheets to one root sheet? If not, then we do not have to change
the *.sch or *.pro file format (or any of the rest of the program).
If so, perhaps we should let each schematic file have multiple

As for letting nets on one sheet know about nets on another, it would
be quite easy to make normal text labels global (one comparison in
netlist.cpp), perhaps with a checkbox in the netlist dialog.

Jean - Pierre: I have read what you wrote about Labels with the same
name being connected on one sheet, and will work to make this so once
i get home from work.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Frank Bennett
<bennett78@...> wrote:
> OrCad has a flat multi-sheet capability in a single EDIF file.
> If I remember correctly each sheet knows about nets on other sheets
> without the use of a global symbol. I also couldn't find a menu pick
> to change the sheet number.
> For Edif2KiCad how can this be represented in a *.pro *.sch file?
> I guess I could create a Hierarchical top level sheet with all the
> sheets on it!
> -Frank