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Re: Filling a zone



> Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:
> >
> > Once that issue is addressed, then I think we can all expect to see an
> > in rush of professional designers start to consider this software
> seriously.
> I will think of *undo* before that... (This is the 3rd time that I ask
> about this, I just hope that I wil get an answer).
> BTW, Kicad is great, thanks for all of you :) :)
> Alain
Yes, thats it!
The Undo/Redo in pcbnew is the first required feature for me too.
Without this feature I feel myself like without hands and can't use KiCad.
This is the reason why I still use only Protel for my work :-(
But I prefer to use only free software and still do all possible from my
side for the project.

Dick, Jean-Pierre or somebody else, PLEASE, add this feature if you
invaluable time permit this.

Igor Plyatov


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